Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is no ballerina

A quick note - with floor space now going at a premium, Robert has taken the only next reasonable step, he has begun to decorate the ceiling. A mobile now resides above his desk. This progeny of a wanton tryst between a Chinese kite and a daddy long-legs spider remains ever en pointe in a slow and fluidic pirouette. But I’m not fooled, this is no ballerina. I remember all too well the truck load of Asian furniture that began with just one entry table.

Cagey in its silence, this thing is scoping out the place, biding its time until one day – blamo! - a stealthy hovering flock takes up permanent residence above the jungle of the thousand or so tropical plants that have now come to adorn our home. That’s right Mr. Mobile, if that’s what you really are, I’m on to you. And I know you’re watching me, watching you, watching me.  

However, this could all be a ruse on Robert’s part, as I have also noticed that rugs have somehow suddenly started popping up and flopping down like stray Shih Tzu's all over the once wonderful, pristinely bare, floors. Our decorating concept has clearly gone from ‘open’ to ‘encroach’.

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