About me:     
By occupation I am an accountant with an undergraduate in psychology (I can’t stay focused I suppose) but in my heart I am a writer – who, so far, needs to keep his day job.

My novel “Pairs” reached #20 on Amazon.uk.co in the category of humour during the month of release, November 2010. As a result I have a newfound, but nevertheless sincere, love for all things British.

 Additionally, I have written short fiction and travel articles for online magazines and I am currently engaged as a script-doctor by UCreate Media. This blog is a diary of the completely unforeseeable turn of events in my life that resulted from a chance click on an Internet dating sight. Not mine, his.

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1.      Dating: current happenings with Robert
2.      Our History: self explanatory
3.       A woman’s guide: what women can do to date like a gay man.