Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our New Schedule

Robert and I had decided to have dinner at the ‘5 Torri, Bar, Restaurant, Pizzeria’ (5 Torri translates to ‘5 Towers’, which is the name that is given to a cluster 5 mountainous peaks overlooking Cortina). Having been to Cortina several times before, Robert was familiar with the establishment and described it as a  “no nonsense” place. Over the course of our time together I have come to understand this means: a somewhat raucous atmosphere, expeditious service from overwrought staff that are distractedly turning to depart the moment they arrive at the table, paper napkins in which the cutlery may or may not be rolled and a menu featuring local comfort food cooked just the way momma would have done had she been slightly agitated with you. ‘5 Torri’ did not disappoint.

It was in this setting that we celebrated my new employment and I consoled Robert as we set to the task of arranging our future schedule. All-and-all, I was sounding like a very busy individual - what with this new position back in Ottawa, the book promotion, working on the new manuscript, starting the little side business I had been planning, taking continuing education courses related to accounting and continuing with my efforts to learn Italian. Shoehorning in meals and “us- time” was looking to be, at best, a juggling act. Perhaps, I suggested, making love and having meals could be compressed as a single activity into one timeslot.  This was only briefly entertained. The risks for personal injury due to mix-ups related to the mouth alone were enormous.
Scene: Emergency room of a hospital. Robert and David are in triage.
Nurse: “You were alternating between what and eating bratwurst? Weren’t you two really just baiting disaster?”

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