Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moment of my epiphany

Oddly, it was on my way from Venice to Cortina that I decided to write a blog.
Robert and I were on the train at the time when the thought struck me, as stray thoughts have a tendency to do when he reads aloud, presumably for my benefit, selected excerpts from the International Herald Tribune.

As an aside, the interior of the trains leaving Venice whether they are local, regional or the EuroStar, all smell like Band-Aids.
Anyway, it was “odd” because of the timing. You see, we had met a few years ago. And of all the times since that meeting that might have, and should have, inspired diarizing the fantastical turn that my life was taking - it stands out as peculiar that a random sojourn on a ‘Band-Aid redolent’ train was the moment of my epiphany. But, nevertheless, there it was. Whisked from my small apartment in Ottawa, Canada, a lifetime of experiences ago, I finally got down to the business of meeting my obligation to posterity at Hotel Ambra Cortina, in room 15... while waiting on Robert to go out for dinner.  

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